[New] Enter 67 KEYBOARD KIT V2

Standard weight:black           silver         gold
Single mode:
felxcut pcb 1.2 mm        
non-flexcut pcb 1.6 mm
Three mode:
felxcut pcb 1.2 mm
non-flexcut pcb 1.6 mm

please leave a message in the remarks column to tell us your choice,If you haven't left a message, the weight will default to black, and both single-mode and three-mode options will default to 1.2mm.

delivery time:about a week


1、Material: 6063 Aluminum.

2、Typing angle: 7 degrees.

3、Mounting method: Dual structure mounting. Players can choose between top mount or gasket mount according to their preferences.

4、Weight: Approximately 1.8kg (when fully assembled).

5、Color options: There are up to 15 colors available, including raw. The raw color is limited to 300 sets worldwide.

6、Weight options: The standard configuration includes brass sandblasted weight or stainless steel PVD weight (available in black, silver, or gold).An upgrade option is available for stainless steel rainbow PVD weight.

7、Plate material: The standard options include PC, aluminum alloy, POM, FR4, and PP. An upgrade option is available for carbon fiber.

8、PCB details: You can choose between a single-mode or a three-mode PCB. The PCB options include 1.2mm or 1.6mm thickness, both supporting hot-swappable functionality.


For the three-mode PCB, it supports wired, Bluetooth, and 2.4G wireless connectivity (all compatible with VIA firmware). This allows users to choose the connection method that best suits their needs and switch between them as required. The high-performance MCU is utilized, along with 2.4GHz FLASH microcontrollers for both transmission and reception. The PCB features 32 KB (16K+16K) SRAM and 512KB built-in FLASH, ensuring fast, stable signal transmission, and reliable connectivity. The transmission and reception ends are encapsulated in TQFN48 and TQFN24 packages, respectively, to ensure signal reliability, stability, and reduce interruptions and interference. The PCB also supports online updates, allowing users to access the latest features and firmware upgrades to maintain optimal keyboard performance. With the USB online upgrade function, users can easily upgrade and update the keyboard firmware without complicated procedures.


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